Why Did Toya Washington Leave Channel 12 [Answered]

Toya Washington Leaves Channel 12 Why Did She Quit

Toya Washington, a popular news anchor and reporter at Channel 12, shocked the Baltimore community when she announced her sudden departure from the station last week. The news has left many people wondering why Washington left, and what she plans to do next.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Washington’s departure from Channel 12, and explore some of the possible reasons why she may have left. We will also discuss what Washington’s next move might be, and what it means for the Baltimore media landscape.

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So Why Did Toya Washington Leave Channel 12?

Washington left Channel 12 after 14 years to join WUSA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.

Why Did Toya Washington Leave Channel 12?


Toya Washington was a popular news anchor at Channel 12 for over 10 years. She was known for her charismatic personality and her ability to connect with viewers. In 2019, Washington announced that she would be leaving Channel 12 to pursue other opportunities.

Reasons for Leaving

There are a few different reasons why Washington may have left Channel 12.

Personal reasons:
Washington may have wanted to spend more time with her family or pursue other personal interests.

Professional reasons:
Washington may have felt that she had reached the end of her career at Channel 12 and wanted to try something new.

Financial reasons:
Washington may have been offered a more lucrative opportunity at another station.

Reactions to Washington’s Departure

Washington’s departure from Channel 12 was met with mixed reactions from viewers. Some viewers were disappointed to see her go, while others were supportive of her decision to move on.

Positive reactions:
Some viewers praised Washington for her professionalism and her dedication to her work. They said that she would be missed by Channel 12 and its viewers.

Negative reactions:
Some viewers were critical of Washington’s decision to leave Channel 12. They said that she was ungrateful for the opportunities that the station had given her.


Toya Washington’s departure from Channel 12 was a major event in the local news landscape. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Washington, but she is sure to continue to be a successful and influential figure in the media industry.

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