How Big Is Frankfurt Airport [Uncovered]

Frankfurt Airport The World’s Fifth-Busiest Airport

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, handling over 70 million passengers in 2021. It is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and is a major hub for Lufthansa, the German national airline. The airport is also home to a number of other airlines, including Air France, British Airways, and KLM.

Frankfurt Airport is a major transit hub for passengers traveling to and from Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is also a popular destination for business travelers, as it is located close to a number of major financial institutions.

The airport is spread over an area of 2,170 acres and has six terminals. It is served by a number of public transportation options, including buses, trains, and taxis.

So How Big Is Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Germany and the 5th busiest airport in Europe. It covers an area of 2,820 acres and has 4 runways. In 2019, it handled over 70 million passengers.

How Big Is Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the largest airport in Germany and one of the busiest airports in the world. It serves as a major hub for Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, and other airlines. FRA is located about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) southeast of Frankfurt city center. The airport has six terminals, each with its own set of gates and facilities.


Frankfurt Airport covers an area of 2,190 hectares (5,400 acres). It has a total of 12 runways, making it one of the largest airports in the world in terms of runway area. The airport’s passenger terminal complex is also one of the largest in the world, with a total area of 2.5 million square meters (27 million square feet).

Annual Traffic

In 2019, Frankfurt Airport handled a total of 70.5 million passengers, making it the third busiest airport in Europe after London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The airport is also the busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic.


Frankfurt Airport offers flights to over 300 destinations worldwide. The airport’s most popular destinations include London, Paris, New York City, and Beijing.


Frankfurt Airport has a wide range of amenities for passengers, including restaurants, shops, cafes, a cinema, and a fitness center. The airport also has a number of hotels and other accommodation options nearby.

Getting to and from Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is easily accessible by public transportation. The airport is connected to the city center by a direct S-Bahn line, which takes about 15 minutes. The airport is also served by a number of bus routes. For those who prefer to drive, there are a number of car rental companies located at the airport.

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